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這次的活動原本是要當作二十周年主要慶祝活動的 "前菜",然而,因為疫情的關係而導致活動延期並且活動時間也延長,一直到2021-01-03 之前都可以參與!而二十周年的主要慶祝活動跟奧運一樣直接延期到明年了。

說是 "前菜",其實也就是 Geocaching 這二十年來的簡單小回顧。透過尋寶累積一定的分數來獲得相應的徽章 (Souvenir)。


每一個 "Found it" log 就是基本分五分,所以其實只要找40個傳統寶就能獲得本次活動的五個徽章!每一個 lab cache 也是五分,而因為 lab cache 是每一個階段都算是一個 "Found",所以如果你體驗玩一整組 Adventure Lab Cache (通常五個為一組),就是25分入袋囉!

多重寶與謎寶是以一個七分計算,而如果你找的那個寶 (不限類型) 擁有超過10個以上的FP,則是以十分計算。



  1. First geocache hidden: 10 points

    On May 3, 2000, one day after selective availability on civilian GPS receivers was removed (aka everyone could receive accurate GPS readings on their location), the Great American GPS Stash Hunt began. The idea was simple: hide a container in the woods and record the coordinates using a GPS unit. A bucket in the woods near Beavercreek, Oregon was placed along with a logbook, pencil, and other various trade items – the first geocache. After the coordinates of the “stash” were shared with an online community, the “game” took off.

  2. First geocoin: 50 points

    2001-09-30 Moun10Bike created the first geocoin when he wanted a signature item to celebrate finding his 100th geocache. He created the first geocoin for his collection and placed the second geocoin in a geocache near Deception Pass, Washington. Now there are thousands of geocoins that have evolved after the first creation in 2001!

  3. First Mega-Event: 100 points

    On May 27, 2006 the first Mega-Event, GeoWoodstock 4, took place in Dallas, Texas. Over 500 geocachers gathered to celebrate a weekend long festival of geocaching!

  4. First million geocaches hidden: 150 points

    On March 8, 2010, there were officially one million active geocaches! This milestone marked a big moment in geocaching history thanks to a collective effort by the geocaching community.

  5. 20 years of geocaching: 200 points

    At Geocaching HQ, we’re honored to be part of the worldwide community of adventure-seekers known as geocachers. Geocaching is what you’ve made it. Throughout this 20th year of geocaching, we want to celebrate what’s most important: this community-driven game! We look forward to the next 20 years!

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